Affiliate Program

Maple has a solid, well-founded Affiliate program that produces the best results for both our advertisers and more importantly- our affiliates.
Our versatility, variety and span of offers enable us to give all our affiliates the best offer most suited to their type of traffic.

Why should you join us?

  • Variety of offers – just choose your vertical, marketing material and best Payout suitable for your type of traffic and audience
  • Variety of marketing materials – within every offer you will find all your marketing materials needs including high demand videos and if it is something special that you need, we will make it for you
  • Dedicated affiliate manager that will help you turn your traffic into a solid source of income
  • Optimization – sending clicks and traffic is just not good enough, understanding what works better for you and your traffic source is our specialty – so let us help you get better results for your traffic

Joining our program will turn your efforts and marketing experience into money

Maple Affiliate Program

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